Flooring Renovation at KFC in Monroe

CNC Diversified recently completed a flooring renovation in the kitchen area of the KFC in Monroe. Take a look at our before, during, and after pictures of the flooring!

The KFC in Monroe, WA previously had tile flooring that had become worn, cracked, and chipped. The grout in some areas was aged, stained, and receding (see picture).

KFC Tile


CNC began the job with a complete demolition and removal of the tile flooring. 

KFC Floor Removal


After the tile was removed and the surfaces were prepped, our diligent coatings technicians poured BASF Ucrete, the most durable polyurethane cement on the market today. With excellent chemical resistance and high durability against impacts, abrasions, and mechanical damage, Urethane Cement is a top choice for high-traffic areas in the food and beverage industry. The clean and professional look is an added bonus!

KFC Urethane Cement Flooring

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