March 27, 2017

MMA (Methylmethacrylate)

Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) Concrete
Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) repair and patching resins can be placed very economically. Surfaces repaired with MMA Systems can be opened to traffic quickly (typically in two hours or less), dramatically reducing turnaround time and the inconvenience associated with the longer down time of other materials. Polymer Concrete methyl methacrylate (MMA) reactive resin is used as a binder to develop polymer concrete which produces extremely high strength and chemical resistance with an abrasion resistant surface.
MMA Seamless Flooring and Seamless Decking Systems
This system can be installed on most surfaces, including old or new concrete, wood, and metal. These Seamless Flooring and Decking Systems are waterproof. Methyl Methacrylate Flooring Systems can be used as a solid color, with colored quartz, or Flooring Chips.
Flexible MMA - used for crack isolation and waterproofing where movement is anticipated. Systems are very easy and fast to install. They can even be installed at temperatures down to -22°F allowing them to be used in Freezer Rooms and extend the installation season for outside seamless decking and seamless flooring applications. These MMA Systems are wear-resistant; shock absorbing (impact resistant) and can take full traffic and loads within 2 hours of installation.
Medium Viscosity Sealer and Topcoat - a 100% reactive, medium viscosity methyl methacrylate resin developed as a sealer/topcoat over (MMA) Flooring and Decking Systems.
MMA Primer - a 100% reactive Methyl Methacrylate primer for all MMA floor and wall systems. This Flooring Primer also provides excellent filling and sealing as scratch work filler (with filler added) to level uneven floor and wall surfaces. MMA resin hardens rapidly with the addition of an MMA hardener, even at low temperatures.
Flexable MMA Membrane - used as a crack isolator or waterproofing membrane under MMA Based Resin Systems. This flexible MMA resists cracking caused by horizontal substrate movement providing a crack resistant, resilient surface. It offers stress relieving properties for floor slabs showing movement and/or vibration. It may also be used by itself when maximum flexibility of the entire system is required.  When used by itself this product must be sealed with a semi-flexable MMA coating.
Semi-flexable MMA Coating - a 100% reactive, medium viscosity methyl methacrylate resin developed as a topcoat for exterior or interior use with flexable MMA Membrane based Systems.  This MMA Coating is a semi-flexible design primarily for outside use and will not yellow after curing. Its excellent clarity makes it ideal for sealing color quartz and vinyl flake systems. It is excellent for exterior applications such as parking decks, concrete and steel stairs, ramps, solid wooden decks, concrete and patios as well as numerous other applications.
MMA Binder Resin - a 100% reactive methyl methacrylate binder resin and top coat for self- leveling, broadcasting, and troweled mortar systems. This product is ideal for decorative troweled and broadcast quartz floors and industrial surfacing subject to heavy loads and traffic. Typical thickness of this system is between 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch thick. It is a 100% reactive, low viscosity, flexible methyl methacrylate resin for use as a binder for low resin content troweled mortars and polymer concrete. The resin is ideal for making repairs and to change the slope on floors, bridge decks and joint headers. And can be installed as thick as 2.5 inches in one operation.
Low Viscosity MMA Sealer - a 100% reactive, low viscosity methyl methacrylate resin developed as a chemical resistant sealer/topcoat that cures to a hard, scratch and wear resistant surface and is specifically designed for dry service in areas subjected to high traffic such as manufacturing areas, aisles, lobbies, service areas, and numerous other applications. It’s used as a sealer for (MMA) Binder Resin Systems.

MMA Resins