Concrete Staining

Over the years, the traditional look of concrete stain has been feeling the pressure of the ever-changing color and pattern trends generated from the flooring industry. Flooring has traversed the line between function and fashion, the styles of which are considered an essential foundation of a building's aesthetics. Traditionalist like us hold true to the time-honored look of acid-stained concrete, with its earth-tone marbled hues and variegated translucent finishes, while embracing the new bright patterns and colors that have made their way into the mainstream.

With the introduction of new concrete dyes and acrylic-based stains, the stained concrete industry can now meet the demands of new trends while allowing us to get creative with new colors and create new looks.

Most stains work to enhance the natural variations of the concrete or cement-based topping they are applied to. This will allows us to create something distinctive by taking advantage of the natural variations in the substrate. These natural and unique marbling effects have been taken to a new level with the introduction of new stain and dye technology. CNC is proud to be a part of this ever advancing industry. Our company is continuously looking for new ways to achieve colors and finishes that are even more unique then those previously obtained from classic acid-based stains alone.


Concrete Staining

New Applications

Another trend in the concrete industry is to have stains and dyes used. Rapid growth in the popularity of polished concrete has been a boon for the stain industry in recent years. Because of their tinting strength and ability to penetrate deeply into concrete, concrete dyes have become the go-to product when coloring polished concrete floors.