March 27, 2017

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete Overlays offer a fast solution to problem floors. With their ease of maintenance and beautiful high-gloss finish, polished concrete floors are becoming the new superstars of the decorative flooring world, especially in high-profile retail and commercial settings. Although most existing concrete slabs can be polished, some may be in poor condition or have major flaws, such cracks, spalling, pitted, out of level, evident carpet tack holes, and extensive patchwork. These artifacts would still show through after polishing, in which case the concrete would look undesirable and overly industrial.

In terms of decorative options, existing polished floors are limited to the application of topical color. Because this aesthetically pleasing solution for polishing floors is extremely difficult to apply to imperfect concrete floors, installing polished overlays is an economical alternative.

Installation considerations
Installing a polished overlay requires a different level of expertise oversimply polishing an existing concrete floor. Preparing the floor for the overlay is often the most time-consuming aspect of the process, especially if existing floor coverings must be removed and the underlying floor needs to be re-profiled. That’s where the Shot-blasting and industrial diamond grinding comes in to remove residual tile mastic and unsound concrete and leave behind a roughened surface profile to properly bond to the overlay.

Polished concrete overlay