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Commercial & Industrial Polymer Floor Coatings
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The Story of CNC Diversified

There's always something else to learn! That's what Charles Covollo told himself when he founded CNC Diversified over 25 years ago. Charles has been in the construction industry since his teen years. With extensive background in almost every trade of the construction industry, he was convinced that a flooring service company should know how to handle all types of industrial flooring and continuously develop new and innovative solutions tailored to each individual situation.

After 25 years of following this philosophy, CNC has become an industry leader in providing solutions for any flooring application in a manner that drastically reduces maintenance and replacement costs and can hold up to the toughest conditions in production and manufacturing. No matter what the situation, we at CNC Diversified work tirelessly to find the perfect solution for you. As a corporation we pride ourselves in solving problems and continually working to stay abreast of the latest of advances in our field, from new methods and machinery to the latest product lines. As a result, we are certified by many nationally renowned manufacturers and have been providing Commercial & Industrial Floor Coating Services Since 1992. 

From deck coatings in a high-rise building to traffic coatings in an underground parking garage and every coating in between, we ensure that our work is of the highest quality. From finding the right materials to suit your needs to putting the finishing sheen on your floor, your satisfaction is our top priority. That continues to be CNC Diversified’s motto year after year. Every year more and more satisfied clients are happy to confirm it. Be a part of our continuing success story and contact us today!


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